23 May


13:00 - 20:00


Strada Gheorghe Polizu 30


Simina Filat Design

Ruumy Preview (experiments / products / networking)

In the SiminaFilatDesign workspace, a variation of the RUUMY concept (winning project in the Worth Partnership Projects competition 2019) will be exhibited, with all the necessary information displayed in the image and film. All attendees will take part in the ruumy experiment, where they will become co-creative collaborators with the designer of the concept, and will be able to become influential ruumy members.

The immediate effects of the Ruumy Preview project are estimated on several levels: Research to verify the degree of acceptability of the project as part of the manifestations of the new \"post-internet culture\" paradigm; Increasing RUUMY community and the degree of creative and social collaboration, simultaneously in the real, digital and social media environment; and Incitement to a new type of creation.

SiminaFilatDesign is a complex brand of design services, that offers consumers just creation, produced in their own workshop; design services for other firms; personal image and styling; and a creative environment where customers feel friends and co-designers.