22 May

23 May - 26 May


Vernisaj: 22 mai - 19:00
Expoziție: 23 - 26 mai
9:30 - 24:00


Calea Victoriei 45


Artichoke Social House

Cristiana Malcica, a photography exhibition

Almost 30 years after the abolition of the Communist regime, Romania’s urban landscape is still largely dominated by typical communist housing developments. Originating from a Soviet housing model that gained rapid popularity in the East, these communist blocks of flats are still the most common type of dwelling found in urban areas, popular amongst people of all classes and ages.

Most of these flats were built following strict layouts with small, cramped rooms, thus imposing a certain living standard on their dwellers. Nonetheless, over the years many of these homes have suffered changes in order to accommodate different needs and desires, with every owner or lodger leaving their own personal imprint on the space.

By photographing interiors in people’s flats in several different cities in Romania, Cristiana’s project aims to investigate and explore notions around the ideas of privacy and home

Coffee, All Day Breakfast, Visual Art. Not necessarily in this order.