18 May - 26 May


S-D / 11:00 – 21:00
L-V / 17:30 – 21:00


Intrarea Aurora 17A et.1



Pixelateria Community

Pixelateria brings together the community of designers and entrepreneur artists and puts them forward in the event with the same name. The diversity of the exposed themes will be generated by the mix of creative personalities of open-minded people who step into Pixelateria every day.

The core of the event consists of a permanent exhibition designed to present these professionals, who will choose a representative work for their current quests, with varying forms depending on the transposed colors and lights of their internal palpitations. Beside them, two invited artists from Timisoara - \"Digital Canvas\" - will exhibit contemporary digital art.

Two opendoor sesions will accomodate the young entrepreneurs invited to tell their stories, with Pixelateria space and experience, in a place specifically designed for content create in the creative industry. They will receive from Pixelateria a portrait photo they can use for online promotion.


Pixelateria is a shared space dedicated to creative people for content create, offering the space and the adequate equipment so that young entrepreneurs can improve their business in the desired direction by increasing the quality of promoting materials for their products or services.