19 May

20 May - 26 May


Vernisaj: 19 mai - 18:00
Expoziție: 20 - 26 mai
20 - 21 mai / 10:00 - 18:00
22 - 25 mai / 10:00 - 22:00
26 mai / 10:00 - 18:00


General H. M. Berthelot 86


The FAB Squad

Mimesis in Design 2 | Photography & GIFs of designers and their objects

MIMESIS is a photography and graphics collection dedicated to product designers and aims to outline the strong connection between these two entities - the DESIGNER and the PRODUCT.
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The mission of the MIMESIS project is to portray two aspects of this relationship:
\"Independence\" - the designer and his product in a classic way
\"Symbiosis / Mimetism\" - the way the creator and the product are interconnected, this link being a source of mutual inspiration. Both elements merge into a single image that outlines the soul of the object.
This relationship tells a lot about the designer\'s BRAND.

The MIMESIS project is now at its 2nd photo exhibition, where the \"couples\" are presented using combinations of artistic means such as graphic design, collage, make-up, special lighting and video.
A novelty of the exhibition will be the collection of GIFs with the designers and their objects.

The FAB Squad is a creative studio where the love for art, photography, graphic design & personal image come together with friendly, fun atmosphere, great light and create the perfect place where you can find your inner FAB self.