24 May


15:00 - 18:00


H. M. Berthelot 56-58


Liceul de Arte Plastice Nicolae Tonitza

Open doors and students exhibiton

On May 24 2019, there will be an exhibition of film and theater scenography, the exhibition of graphics and the animation exhibition of the 12th grade, an exhibition that closes a second specialty cycle through an extremely important skills exam . This exhibition will take place at Grl Street. Berthelot of the Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts High School. The scenography exhibition includes costume designs, decors and theater and film mock-ups of both class XI and 12th grade workshops.

"Nicolae Tonitza" Fine Arts High School in Bucharest was founded in 1949 under the name of "Middle school of Art". He blended the arts of the show with the visual ones: choreography, music and drawing. Over the years, he has changed his headquarters to different locations, and has changed his name, but he has always been a school where plastic arts are studied, and where beauty is always at his feet. Throughout its existence, the value and creativity of students has been rewarded with national and international awards, as well as nominations for important exhibitions from abroad.