21 May - 22 May




Puțul cu Plopi 17


Dizainăr & Liga Media Grup

WOW Talks // World Of Wood TALKS

Romanians have always had a strong connection with wood. Historically we know that wood has been cut, exploited, burned in the stove but also loved and respected; people have written poems about forests and have built pieces of furniture and buildings of an unmatched workmanship. Both the Romanian craftsmen and the industry have become famous all over the world for their detailed woodworking technique.

But how do we stand today? What’s the present situation and what would we want it to be? Where would we want the Romanian wood industry to go in the near future? These are questions we hope to find answers for at World Of Wood TALKS.

During these 2 days we will have the opportunity to talk with both wood lovers who produce unique pieces of furniture or decorations with their own hands in small workshops as well as with representatives of the Romanian wood industry both from the private and in the institutional sector.

Started in 2012, Dizain?r is the Romanian design platform of talented creators from all over the country, gathered under the same umbrella to represent Romania’s design industry.
Liga Media Grup is an event production house that aims, with every project they take, to go beyond creative.