18 May


11:00 - 14:00


Theodor Burada 7


Republic of Architects

Meet the Neighborhoods #2

For RDW’s 2019 iteration of \"Meet the Architect\", Republic of Architects invites Grupul de Ini?iativ? Civic? Lacul Tei, a community which cherishes their neighborhood. Their members have between 22 and 80 years old and are technicians, biologists, builders, attorneys, architects, researchers, computer engineers, photojurnalists, directors and so on. The Group was founded in 2010, when a handful of people decided to stroll the neighborhood in order to record the problems observed: the lack of parking spots or sanitation, the citizen safety or thermal insulation problematic. Since then, the Group has developed organically and crystallized in a solid, active, vigilent and dinamic community.

On Saturday, May 18, in the morning from 11AM, they will confess about their communitarian experiences and the Center where they house their civic, cultural or educational activities, a place where friends are welcomed to create non-commercial events dedicated to the people of the neighborhoold.


Republic of Architects is a partner-based office emerging out of a collaborative effort to tackle contemporary architectural, design and urban issues. The strategy regards negotiations as the basic ingredient for finding the most appropriate approach to a particular problematic.