20 May


18:30 - 20:30


Cismigiu Central Park 17C Intrarea Aurora


Silvia Serban

The Future is (inter)changeable: Sustainability Talk

By 2010 Philip Kotler suggested the importance of consumer welfare, announcing the sustainable marketing trend. A very sexy idea embraced by many designers, Silvia ?erban already being among those with a sustainable vision. There have been made studies, there are some controversies, and sales show the reality: consumer validates it. If fashion is some sort of language, is there any way of excitement today? In fast-fashion, do we have time to create emotions, or do we forget to feel something relevant to what we wear? Do we remember the moments spent with a coat that costed money and time? Designers are proposing modular clothing, find collaborations in disadvantaged areas, or recycle stocks to demonstrate that sustainability is a fashionable subject. Do we need a mentality shift? Can designers influence it? In a creative way, Silvia ?erban and her guests will seek answers that will inspire and generate new words in the dictionary of sustainable fashion.

The sensitivity and concern to a resource-drained world, led Silvia Serban’s creative process to producing modular clothes or with zero material loss. Whether they are minimalistic or with postmodern details, most of her clothes are versatile and each of them represents at least two outfits.