22 May


18:00 - 20:00


Știrbei Vodă 104 - 106


AMC România

We Shape Worlds

Dexx is the Lead 3D Environment Artist in AMC Studio. His works create the environments of games such as Call of Duty, Dead Rising series, WarThunder and World of Tanks.

Drago? is also involved in teaching a 3D art class at the University of Arts in Bucharest. He spends his free time mainly playing games and delving into the realms of 3D concept design.

Daniel Vijoi is the Art Director of AMC Games, with an experience in the Games Industry of more than 16 years. This role offers him the chance to build an entire universe of his imagination, built for mobile devices and a large audience. He\'ll be offering the public a sneak peak into a mobile game in the making & a short pipeline presentation on how a character is made.

AMC Romania - Digital Art, Video Games and Community. For other Worlds Shapers. In its 20 years of pioneering 3D Art in Romania, AMC has developed a reputation as center of excellence and thought leadership in digital art creation & games development.

AMC Studio invites RDW\'s public into the creation process of the digital worlds. Two of its lead artists, Drago? Dexx Casian, and Daniel Vijoi, will make an one-hour presentation on the joys and challenges of creating 3D art for video games.