Open Doors


25 May


12:00 - 17:00


Calea Griviței 6-10, etajul 5




The high tech background that we are dealing with today allows us to look at space from various different angles. From a purely technical standpoint, space is the gap that takes shape between given borders. What is then the difference between a virtual and a \"real\" space? Isn\'t virtual space \"real\" as well? Can these two types of space complete each other? These are just a few questions that SeeThree is trying to raise through their showcase. The visitors will be able to have a tour through a virtual space, mirroring the working environment that they use on a daily basis. Less typically, given the creative nature of their field, they started this experiment by transforming a \"real\" space in a virtual one and not vice versa.

C3 represents the current state of artistic and experimental visuals and interactive presentations, alternative games, virtual realities and digital arts. With the pop-up events and appearances in different creative scenes we are focused on generating high end visuals.