Open Doors


25 May




Ion Brezoianu 23-25, corp B, etaj 3




Cumulus invites you on the 25th of May in their office (Tipografia Universul, floor 3) to find out more about the residential project Badea Cârțan. By doing this, they are bringing a moment from the immediate future in our present. Discussions about the project, buildings will be held, plus talks about their design system and how integrated they can design through it.
Badea Cârțan 13 (BC13) is a project started by SYAA, but a work in progress of Cumulus.

Architecture: CUMULUS, Eliza Yokina, Adrian Soare, Simina Ignat, Diana Iordache, Anca Ionescu, Cosmin Anghelache
Surface: 3200 mp
Address: Ștefan cel Mare area, 13 Badea Cârțan Street, District 2, Bucharest
Status: work in progress 2018-2020
Client: Urban Spaces

Cumulus imagined the living in relation with two private urban gardens, for the communities that will live in the building. The constructions folds around these two major spaces, connecting organicaly with the neighbour buildings. 
There are two major finishes: brick plywood and iron elements.

The building is situated in the center of one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city, an area where living used to be combined with crafts and private spaces opened in shared yards. The neighbourhood also had an industrial area, composed of small brick factories. One of them, Tolola, was standing on the actual lot of the Circus’ Park, at only 500 meters. On the next lot, on Teilor Street (now, Vasile Lascar), the first horsecar depot in Bucharest was established in 1871.

The apartments have various dimensions - studios, 2 rooms, 3 rooms on a single level, but also duplexes, 4 rooms with a big garden, or with generous terraces on the 3rd floor. All of them have a spacious and bright livingroom, with a loggia or terrace, a big area for a big table where you can gather with friends or family. Almost all apartments have at least two fronts, providing light throught the day and an optimal ventilation. The ground floor is composed by 3 small offices that can turn into workshops for artists.

CUMULUS represents the merge between three architecture offices, ARXTUDIO,PZP and SYAA, wich took place in january 2017, after a period of collaboration between the three companies. We are a team of more then 40 architects with strong expertise in many areas of the building industry.