Open Doors


19 May

20 May - 26 May


Social Evening: 19 mai
19:00 – 22:00
Open Doors: 20 – 26 mai
15:00 – 22:00


Gen. Christian Tell 21


Podstel Umbrella

The Story of Podstel

Make Podstel Umbrella an open house for the Romanian Design Week, and people can drop in to learn about the Podstel vision and story and have a tour around our place. We can make a small exhibit and stick pictures from the story around the hostel and in the garden. Podstel was created on the back of a 3 year travel trip to over 50 countries, and serendipitiously led the team here, to Bucharest, in 2016.

Located right in the heart of Bucharest\'s most lively and alternative district, Podstel Umbrella is a family run hostel and the perfect choice for solo travellers and couples looking for a vibrant, modern and comfortable to place to stay in Bucharest.