23 May




Ion Brezoianu nr. 23 - 25



Mix into the SMOOTHIE

SMOOTHIE is about creating a community among creative young people. This event, which will take the form of a party, represents the debut of the platform in the creative world. Its purpose is to bring to light the basic principles of SMOOTHIE, namely: it is good to be different, to express yourself freely, but to have a community to share all this. Also this would be the first event in a larger series that aims to create links between artists at the beginning of the journey.

The event will take the form of a party where SMOOTHIE members will be the hosts and will bring their favorite playlist with various music from trap to pop music of the 90s and 2000s. SMOOTHIE is about different people, so the dress code will be different for everyone: each guest will wear what's better for him, and the hosts will make sure everyone glows in the dark. At the same time there will be a cocktail specially named for the platform.

SMOOTHIE. is a group of young fashion creatives based in Bucharest, Romania and a platform for the emerging talent where all identity is experience. Our main goal is to create a community of blended personalities, skill sets and different types of talented people: a ‘cultural Smoothie’.