Guided Tours


19 May - 25 May


10:00 - 18:00



Quest Mission

CQ | AQ | FF - The Creative Quarter Autonomous Quest & Foto Festival

The CQ | AQ | FF is an autonomous experience that starts @Quest Mission (or another partner).
It is a game to discover the Creative Quarter - from the architecture, to businesses & places and to people.
It has two main directions:
AQ - autonomous quest - a game played via an online map, encrypted websites, smart placed clues and interactions with partners via key words - all leading to explore in a fun way the CQ

FF - Foto Festival - each player/team participate in a photo festival & contest, all taken within the CQ and during the RDW week. They submit online 1 photo per each of the 4 themes: architecture, people, “businesses of CQ” & “unseen mystery”.

The Game is playable at any time via registration on our website and collecting the start point. The final passcode of the game gives you a change to win of the Quest Mission and/or partners prizes (raffle mechanics).
PS: We could add a major live event - 50 - 150 people - but a sponsor might be helpful as the budget rises.

An enriching social form of entertainment, via positive quests.