Blending Communities


21 May


14:00 - 20:00


Piața Amzei 1, etaj 2


Quest Mission & Feel Like Art (feat. Saint Roastery)

Mission Rooms, Art & Coffee

At Quest Mission we\'ll have open house for all our 60 minutes missions @Piata Amzei 1. In a new & unique approach we encourage curiosity and invite you to discover enriching entertainment. We’ll use an open game format - people from several groups will play together - to facilitate meeting new friends. You can choose to be either a detective, a spy or an Romanian art gallery investigator.

Along with the missions, we\'ll also have the Feel Like Art workshops, that will be your guide to creating beautiful memories and wearable art through handmade painting on T-shirts. Bring your own T-shirt (either new or weared), of white or a light color.

And with the help of our friends from Saint Roastery we’ll take coffee to the next level, by creating a unique experience for you, unveiling the mysteries that surround our beloved coffee. We’ll taste different alternative methods for coffee preparation, like V60, aeropress, syphon and other surprises will follow.

Quest Mission is an enriching social form of entertainment, via positive quests.
Feel Like Art focuses on authentic wearable art and paintings.
Saint Roastery is bringing coffee closer to people by craft roasting and providing a full experience of flavours, aromas and coffee know.