18 May - 25 May


S / 10:00 - 20:00
L-V / 9:00 - 20:00


Academiei 18-20


Modul Cărturești

Domestic abstract: postcards from our commonplace in Modul Cărturești

An insightful journey of the creators strictly based on the „making” process, through the very fragile and meaningful exercise of designing ceramics, by mapping certain emotions, feelings, and the possibilities that derive from the artist’s subjective view upon their creations and through the nature of the relationship between the objects and the end users.

This common connection between the users and the everyday ceramic objects is a functional interaction, but also a unique approach towards a dialog with „the presence” and the present moment; the moment when we use them. „Domestic Abstract: Postcards From Commonplaces” it’s about the ongoing exchange between the interior and exterior space, between intimacy and openness.

„The presence” can be found in different forms: the ceramics as a portal towards the alter-egos of Codruța, the presence of Lea’s totemic receivers in a contextualised space, or the presence as a vibration, as an entropy of the texts and concepts of Stefan.


MODUL is a bookshop that challenges the norm and redefines the conventional relationship between a city and its bookshops – it is a cultural hub, a campus bookshop, and also an urban green house. Furthermore, thanks to an on-going collaboration with Aiurart, the bookshop will permanently host unique object collections, specially designed for MODUL Cărturești by Romanian artists.